The Golem of Zukow

My short story, The Golem of Zukow, has just been published in The Kenyon Review's online journal. (Whoo hoo!) And to get you hooked, here are the first 300 words. The Golem of Zukow by Helen Maryles Shankman The Mirsky mill nested at the fork of the Bug and Wlodawa rivers, near the liquid and... Continue Reading →

looking for Selinger, part 4

I've come to realize I'll never know what really happened, and I'm trying to make my peace with that. Did Willy Selinger, Commandant of the labor camp at Adampol, order the SS down on his own people? Harold Werner, a partisan, says he made a phone call. Under oath, Selinger tells a different story, of... Continue Reading →

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