I am represented by:
Jennifer Weltz
Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency
216 E. 75th Street, Suite 1E
New York, NY 10021
(212) 794-1082

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  1. Hello Helen,I was studying about Jewish demons and ran across your name.I just randomly decided to click on you and ended up here.I will go about reading some of your work since I know who you are.I was at the demon site looking for a name for a pitt bull rescue I have. I think she will be Dybbuk..

  2. Hi Helen, It is me, Sheila Horn, I lost your contact information- I am so proud to see you are coming out with a BOOK! I want to buy the first 3 copies and have you autograph them- please- don’t let anyone else beat me to the punch! Can you either call me or email me?

    1. Holy cow! She must be around the same age my mother would have been. Wow! It blows me away whenever I read accounts by someone who corroborates my parents’ stories. Thank you for sending this–and thank you for your kind words! –Helen

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