Two Weeks to the Publishing Date!

Some cool Amazon marketing information I discovered to boost THE COLOR OF LIGHT! MORE FUN STUFF! Looky looky looky! I wanted to share a few lines from this unbelievable review for THE COLOR OF LIGHT that just appeared on GOODREADS.Steve aka Sckenda rated it 5 of 5 stars "Let there be light. 'I have a... Continue Reading →

More Cover Tries!

This week is BEA--Book Expo America, the biggest book publishing event in the entire country. Which means my agents are busy. Which means I have another week to screw around with cover tries. Some with alternate titles. It is certainly possible that I have lost my mind. Still...which one makes you want to read my... Continue Reading →

Finding a Righteous Gentile

Here is an excerpt from a story about me and Dieter, written by Deena Yellin, published today in The Jewish Standard! When Teaneck author Helen Maryles Shankman dug into her family history, she hoped to unearth stories about her ancestors’ experiences during the Holocaust. But the award–winning author never anticipated that she would discover a... Continue Reading →

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