More Cover Tries!

This week is BEA–Book Expo America, the biggest book publishing event in the entire country.

Which means my agents are busy.

Which means I have another week to screw around with cover tries.

Some with alternate titles.

It is certainly possible that I have lost my mind. Still…which one makes you want to read my book?


cover med redfinal


ColorofLight 3copyv2

7 thoughts on “More Cover Tries!

Add yours

  1. Thank you for your feedback, Scriptor Obscura and Mike! I’ve lost all objectivity at this point, so I’m definitely looking for feedback!

  2. Thanks, Zohar. I had another vote for #4–the other person likes it because it looks like a movie poster.

  3. I think I like the title “The Color of Light” better than Underpainting. Underpainting feels just a tad too obscure for me, can’t say way. Color of Light brings me in. Between 3 and 4, I prefer 4.

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