Two Weeks to the Publishing Date!

Some cool Amazon marketing information I discovered to boost THE COLOR OF LIGHT!

MORE FUN STUFF! Looky looky looky! I wanted to share a few lines from this unbelievable review for THE COLOR OF LIGHT that just appeared on GOODREADS.Steve aka Sckenda rated it 5 of 5 stars

“Let there be light. ‘I have a love story for you. A story of light and dark of good and evil. Of love and art, of wrong and right. And the blurred lines in between.’  This novel displays darkness and dispels it; it absorbs light and then radiates it—in counterpoint–like Mozart’s Requiem. Helen Maryles Shankman applies a primer of darkness and glazes it with light. Rhythms of light and shadow chase each other across the pages. Ghostly figures arise, haunt, and then bear the color of light.”
For more–and there is lots more, all of it wonderful–click this link:
I wanted to take a moment to explain some little known, very hush-hush marketing information with you. Book sales that occur on the first day kick a special Amazon algorithm into play, vaulting the book up the best-seller charts. Great first-day sales also make the book show up on the coveted “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” bar, and the equally coveted “Frequently Bought Together” bar. Another cool thing I discovered: Books bought on the Pre-Order Page are automatically added to the first-day sales, giving the book numbers a great big boost! So–if you are planning to buy the book (and of course, I hope you are–I promise I’ll run right over and autograph it!) please consider pre-ordering or buying it on OCTOBER 31st–and watch THE COLOR OF LIGHT jump up the chart!
This link will take you to the book’s
Amazon Page!
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